Hospital flooring: What are the options?


Hospital flooring: What are the options?

Today, we are possibly more aware than ever of the importance of the NHS and the need for reliable cleanliness throughout our hospitals. Having recently learnt about the rate at which viruses can spread, we thought best to share one of the ways you can both improve and prolong hygiene in clinical locations. Simply by your choice of flooring, you could provide your healthcare premises with a sanitary solution that allows you to fight against the spread of viruses whilst remaining reliable, sturdy, and safe.

In healthcare locations, your flooring will need to withstand multiple factors. These include heavy footfall, thorough cleaning regimes, impact from heavy furniture and equipment, and spillages. These factors combined can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your floor unless you consider your requirements carefully.

What to consider for hospital flooring

The Installation of your hospital flooring will need to be hassle free. Cutting down the time it takes to lay your floor will allow you to open your healthcare premises sooner. As well as preventing those who require assistance from waiting longer for care, this will also allow you to open and regain the costs spent on materials and labour. Repair and replacements will also benefit from a simple installation, allowing any recovery time to be kept to a minimum.

Durability is a key requirement in hospital flooring. In an environment where those who are typically unwell or incapable of carrying out certain actions such as walking, a flat, even, reliable floor is essential for safety. A durable floor will be one that can withstand the above for a wealth of years without deteriorating, whether this be lifting, curling, or distorting.

Implementing wayfinding or branding into flooring can be effective, especially in entrance halls or large buildings such as hospitals. This is a popular option which can be adapted with a selection of flooring materials and can, in return, reduce the reliance upon busy staff when patients are navigating their way around the premises.

What are the best options for hospital flooring? 

After carefully considering your requirements, you will be left with the task of choosing the best suited flooring for your hospital. As experts, we can recommend flooring options that provide simple installation, ease of cleaning, anti-slip mechanisms, and even surfaces. These include:

If you are unsure about the best hospital flooring option to choose, our team at Easifit Flooring are on hand to provide you with the facts and guidance you may require. Get in touch to find out more by calling 0800 096 1171 or sending us an email at .