Stair nosings for all sorts of flooring

Stair NosingsApplied to the edge of stair treads, our stair nosings are a very reliable, cost effective and attractive way of providing an even safer environment for your staff and customers. We provide stair edgings to create a perfect fit and keep carpets secure on your stairs. No matter what type of flooring you have installed, we have the perfect stair nosing solution to match.

Thanks to their durability and effectiveness, our Treads, Quantum and Gradus stair nosings are regularly purchased by our commercial clients for installation in their restaurants and offices. The stair edgings are great for keeping carpets flush against stairs and for giving a better grip for walking up and down stairs.


Improved safety

The main benefit of adding our stair nosings to your staircases is the additional safety and security they bring. By fastening our stair edgings onto the edge of your stair treads, you will be removing the risk of tears and faults appearing in the flooring and therefore reducing the potential for slips and trips.Woodplank vinyl and Nosings


Reduce accidents on stairs by:

  • Providing slip resistance at the edge of the step.
  • Providing a visual contrast to highlight the edge of the step
  • Protect the step edge and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Improve the aesthetics of the building with a wide range of styles and colours.


We have a wide range of stair nosings available, providing everything from flexible or rigid PVC and aluminium to copy brass and solid brass finishes. Whatever your requirements, we will have the right solution for you.


We only use the highest quality stair nosings, built to last

Stair Nosings

Made from the finest materials, stair nosings are incredibly durable and used to putting up with the stresses and strains of everyday work or home life. We work with the industry’s leading names in stair nosings to supply and install cost effective and reliable products from the following manufacturers:

  • Treads
  • Gradus
  • CAT
To view examples of our installations, please visit our gallery page