Carpet tiles – how can they benefit my office space?


Carpet tiles – how can they benefit my office space?

There are countless ways to make the most out of your office space, but changing your flooring is rarely an option that business owners consider. It may seem like a large upheaval for a minimalistic transformation, but with carpet tiles, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Explore the benefits that carpet tiles could have your office with our simple guide.

Simple installation

Let’s start with the installation as this may be the first and main factor diverting businesses owners from re-laying their office flooring. However, carpet tiles are one of the simplest floors to lay. Unlike rolls of carpet, you can lift and lay one tile at a time, allowing you to assign them to a designated area without having to adjust the entire office floor.

Simple maintenance

The simple installation of carpet tiles is also reflected when it comes to needs for maintenance. The same simple lift and lay techniques can be used to allow repair or replacement of any single carpet tile without the need for a whole carpet roll removal.


On the topic of maintenance, it is highly unlikely that this will even be required as carpet tiles are designed to remain durable under heavy footfall for a number of years without showing signs of deterioration, lifting, curling or fraying thanks to a padded layer that allows the flooring itself to absorb levels of high footfall and the moving of furniture.

Acoustic insulation

Carpet tiles can prove an excellent method of decreasing the sound waves from travelling within, or from, your office. By absorbing the vibrations of footfall, conversations and any workstation noise that is generated, you can rely upon your office space becoming a quieter zone, improving productivity for both you and the floor below!


Carpet tiles don’t need to be limited to your office space alone. With the friction and soft padding they provide under foot, they can also improve safety levels on the stairs and other accident prone locations, keeping your entire office a safer space.

Create your aesthetic

Carpet tiles give you the freedom to create your own office aesthetic. With a range of designs available, you can be creative with your flooring, dividing departments and walkways by clever installation of varying designs, or can opt to create a simple, calming environment by laying a simple design throughout or by combining carpet tiles with hardwood flooring can create a stylish and visually enjoyable workspace.

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