The Flooring Series: What type of flooring is right for offices?

Office floor carpet tiles

The Flooring Series: What type of flooring is right for offices?

Choosing the right flooring will make a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your office. The ideal flooring for your office should not only enhance your office’s design, but also its functionality and comfort.

Key considerations when choosing office flooring

Different office locations require different flooring. These are the key considerations when choosing office flooring:


Consider the expected traffic in your office space. High-traffic areas will need durable flooring to withstand the daily wear and tear. Heavy duty carpet tiles are recommended for busy public areas. These surfaces can withstand heavy use for years and individual tiles can be replaced.


For busy spaces, the ease of repair of the chosen flooring should be a key factor. Hallway flooring is often the first to wear out. Make sure your choice of flooring is easy to access so it can be readily repaired with minimal inconvenience to staff and clients.


Many common types of flooring need regular attention. For example, spills on carpets need to be cleaned immediately to prevent permanent damage. Some types of flooring will often have to be stripped and replaced, while others may require regular buffing. The cost of maintenance over time can be many times the initial installation cost.

Service life

You should choose flooring that will last at least 10 years without significant issues. It’s important to select flooring appropriate to your space, and to ensure that the flooring is installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. A well-maintained floor can often last longer than the standard 10 year period.


The cost of your flooring will depend on your budget, but don’t forget to take into account the cost of maintenance and its life expectancy. Going for the cheapest option may not be the most cost-effective choice in the long run.

Different types of flooring

These are the best flooring options for your office:

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are perfect for businesses who need to keep their offices warm, plus they offer substantial noise insulation. For busy areas, tiles can be a more cost-effective option as they are more hard-wearing and can be easily and cheaply replaced.


Vinyl is another solid choice for office flooring, given its longevity and hard-wearing nature. Vinyl is very resistant to damage including dents from heels or scratches from dragged furniture. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain.


Laminate can offer the look of hardwood, ceramic tiles or stone, but at a lower price. Laminate is simple and cheap to install, is resilient to dents and scratches, and offers water resistance. The surface coating is thick and hard-wearing but it does require regular cleaning and maintenance.


Ceramic tiles are a good option for areas regularly exposed to water. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain and will last a long time. However, if cracked, they take some work to replace. In addition, they offer low noise insulation and lack the warmth of other flooring materials.


Rubber flooring is very hard-wearing and offers high resistance to heat and water. It’s slip-resistant, sound-absorbent and comfortable to walk on. There are many textures and colours available and maintenance is quick and easy.

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