Ensure your gym flooring is safe for 2021


Ensure your gym flooring is safe for 2021

During a standard new year, gyms and leisure centres always have a flock of new sign-ups come January, and 2021 will be no different. After a year of home workouts, daily walks and an increase in the take-up of running, we can expect that gyms will be reaching their capacity this coming new year. To make sure that you are ready, you will first need to run a safety check around your premises, and this time we aren’t talking about anti-bacterial cleaning products! We are talking about your choice of flooring. You must ensure that your floor is fit for fitness itself, and this may mean that now is the time to repair or replace yours completely.

There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding on the best flooring for your gym or leisure centre. Let’s take walk through them.

Footfall. Your flooring will need to remain durable to heavy footfall. This not only means the weight and impact, but vibrations and scuffing from gym shoes as well.

Weights. Free-hand weights are often moved around without too much care or thought, being dropped onto the ground after a heavy set or thrown back into their dedicated storing location. This could lead to cracks, dents and holes in your flooring if it is not shock absorbent or built for purpose.

Machinery. The machinery within your gym is likely to bear extreme amounts of weight onto your flooring, from treadmills and rowing machines, to weighted shoulder press and cable machines, and these will also need to withstand the additional weight of gym-goers.

Moisture. From body sweat after an energetic HIIT class, to water residue after stepping out of the pool and into the changing rooms, your flooring must be slip-resistant and waterproof to withstand moisture.

Cleaning. Regular cleaning is a prominent factor required within gyms. Your flooring should be able to withstand the constant use of cleaning products, whilst remaining simple to wash and dry.

Suitable flooring types

There are a variety of safety flooring types and finishes that are both available and required to ensure that your gym and leisure centre can remain safe, durable and trip-free.

Rubber flooring. From tiles to singular rolls, rubber flooring will both create a soft tread for your customers whist also absorbing some of vibration and remaining waterproof to body sweat.

Sprung wood flooring. Ideal for areas holding classes, from dance to HIIT, sprung wood flooring remains durable to footfall whilst providing a softer tread for all on-foot movement.

Non-slip safety flooring. Perfect for poolside and changing rooms, non-slip safety flooring performs for three vital requirements, remaining hygienic, durable and slip resistant.

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