Spring cleaning: It’s time to treat your carpet


Spring cleaning: It’s time to treat your carpet

With winter having passed and spring now upon us, we can guarantee that your carpets have seen better days. With months of muddy, wet, or grimy shoes entering your premises, it is probably time that your carpet benefits from our spring cleaning regime.

Why should you clean your carpet?

Without necessarily being able to see it, the fibres within the fabric of our carpets are excellent at collecting dust, muck, and grime. In both work and home environments they could cause an increase in dust-mite or pet hair allergies without a regular deep clean, whilst also experiencing a build-up of unpleasant odours. Over time, these build-ups could result in a decay of your carpet materials, leading to sodden tracks that are unable to be cleaned, or even sections of carpet that have been worn away. At this point, your only option would be a replacement of your commercial or tiled carpet.

What if my carpet doesn’t look dirty?

You may be thinking that, if you have an entrance mat installed, the cleanliness of your carpet is at the top of its game and therefore a deep clean is not required. However, can you remember the last clean? Dirt isn’t always visible, especially at a first glance. If you need any additional persuasion, you are more than welcome to stoop down to your hands and knees for a close-up look. You might even catch a whiff of the odours that dirt can cause.

How regularly should you clean your carpet?

When it comes to deep cleaning your carpet, we have no solid answer on the regularity of this process. Of course, annually each spring – in line with the rest of your spring cleaning activities – would be an ideal starting point. But any additional measures would depend on the circumstances your carpet withstands. These include:

  • If you have children in your home or workplace.

Children come hand-in-hand with muck, grime, and (of course) spillages, and this could put your carpet through a lot. In instances such as these, we would recommend upgrading your carpet’s annual spring clean to twice a year.

  • If you have pets in your home or workplace.

Furry friends can be great company in any environment, but through no fault of their own, they can often leave a layer of fur on our carpets – as well as the muck that gets bought in on their paws! The regularity of your carpet’s deep cleans would depend on the type of pet that wanders your premises, but as a safe marker for all, we would suggest two to three times annually.

  • If someone within your home or workplace has allergies.

This step could be vital in the health and wellbeing of those within your premises. Did you know that, whilst dust and hairs can get embedded into your carpet, the simple action of walking on the material is enough to make them airborne? To protect your employees or family, you should arrange for a regular deep clean to prevent the build-up of allergens all year round.

How you can keep your carpet fresh in between spring cleans

  • Regular cleaning

Of course, your annual spring clean shouldn’t be the only time your carpet experiences a clean. Regular hoovering will ensure that the majority of dust, dirt, and grime is lifted and removed.

  • Targeting stains

Unfortunately, our carpets do attract a lot of spills, leading to occasional stains. If you reach them soon enough with an effective carpet cleaner or solution of baking soda and your favorite essential oil, you should be able to eradicate any discolouration.

If you would like advice on how to protect your carpeting or find that your carpets have passed their ability to be cleaned effectively, get in touch with our team at Easifit Flooring. We can provide you with an effective replacement carpet that will last the long run. Give us a call on or send us an email at  0800 096 1171 or email us at .