The Flooring Series: What type of flooring is right for leisure facilities?


The Flooring Series: What type of flooring is right for leisure facilities?

Think of leisure facilities and there are lots of different things that can come to mind: gyms, swimming pools, sports pitches, indoor, outdoor… Where do you start when it comes to figuring out what type of flooring is most appropriate? This is what our flooring series is here to do. We focus our attention on leisure facilities and take a look at the different types of uses and the most suitable flooring options for each.

Entrance ways

Whatever type of facility you manage, you want a bright and attractive entrance. Vinyl plank flooring, linoleum, or tile are great options as they give you a wide variety of colour and style ideas to choose from and are easy to clean and maintain. Be sure to include some entrance mats by the door to trap as much dirt and water as possible, particularly on wetter days, and avoid bringing it into your facility.

Gym floors

For gym floors you are most likely to need vinyl plank flooring for those areas that have stationary cardio equipment, for instance, and for passageways. When it comes to free weight areas or those with heavy machines, rubber flooring is a better option. It is slip resistant, important for carrying weights around which can be dropped or for moving around humid areas. Perhaps surprisingly, it is also a highly insulating material, helping to keep your heating bills down even during the coldest of winter days.

Swimming pools and changing areas

When it comes to swimming pools and changing areas, including wet rooms or shower rooms, you want to install safety flooring. Its slip-resistant and anti-bacterial properties give you peace of mind that your customers, staff, and visitors are as safe as they can be. They are also water resistant, so you can mop up any spills quickly without worrying about damage to the flooring. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Outdoor areas

If you have outdoor leisure areas, such as a terrace café, consider using stone flooring or decking. Both offer great variety in style and colour options that will match your vision and provide a relaxing area for customers to enjoy before or after their workout. They are also water resistant, easy to clean and will withstand temperature changes and spills. They can also be treated, if necessary, to give them slip-resistant properties as well.

Landscaping and outdoor pitches

Artificial grass is an excellent option for outdoor pitches, particularly those that you intend to use all year round. It is also a good option for any small areas that you want landscaped – such as play areas or outdoor cafes – as they require little maintenance, will not become waterlogged in the winter months, and can be used throughout the year.

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