Benefits of loose lay vinyl flooring

Children on loose lay vinyl flooring

Benefits of loose lay vinyl flooring

Loose lay vinyl flooring is one of the hottest flooring products on the market right now. It has many advantages over other types of flooring including durability, ease of maintenance, and low cost of installation. Vinyl flooring’s versatility means it’s perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

What is loose lay vinyl flooring?

Loose lay vinyl planks are thick vinyl rectangles with rubber backing that can be placed on your floor surface. What makes these planks unique is that they don’t require fasteners, adhesive or tongue and groove mechanisms to hold them in position.

The vinyl planks can be quickly installed and they use friction to grip the subfloor and keep them in place over time.

What are the benefits of loose lay vinyl flooring?

The increasing popularity of loose lay vinyl flooring comes down to its many benefits:

Simple to install

Loose lay flooring is extremely easy to install. All your installers need to do is to lay down the planks into position. There is minimal cutting involved. Installers love loose lay flooring because it makes their job so easy. And you get to save money on reduced installation costs.

Easy to move

It’s very easy to remove your flooring and reinstall it elsewhere. This is very convenient when you move to a new home as you can take your flooring with you and save some money. If you want to change the flooring design in your existing home, it’s quick and easy to do without the risk of residue or damage to your subfloor.


Loose lay vinyl is extremely comfortable with a soft, pliable feel. It’s warmer underfoot than real stone and softer than real hardwood. Some product ranges are designed to be used with underfloor heating. So it’s an excellent option if you want to make your room more cosy and comfortable.

Won’t expand or contract

Whereas many types of flooring expand or contract with moisture, loose lay vinyl is designed to stay the same size irrespective of humidity. This makes it suitable for wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms and basements. You can count on your flooring retaining its original shape for years.

Highly durable

Loose lay vinyl is well known for its durability. The tiles are thick and heavy, so with proper care they can easily last for decades with minimal signs of wear. Many manufacturers offer lengthy guarantees of up to 15 years.

Absorbs sound

Vinyl is a natural sound-absorber. So it’s perfect for upstairs rooms where you don’t want to disturb people downstairs with the sound of footsteps or other noise. Vinyl is also great for home theatres as it dampens excess noise and enhances sound quality.

Wide range of designs

There are so many design options for you to choose from that you’re sure to find something that suits your style. Modern vinyl tiles are impressively detailed, textured and authentic-looking to give you the best look to complement your space.


Loose lay vinyl materials are priced similarly to other similar flooring options. The ease of installation means you can count on savings on installation costs. And if you factor in the low maintenance costs over the years, you’ll be able to appreciate the long-term cost savings you’ll enjoy.

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