Commercial carpet underlay: Why is it required?

Commercial carpet underlay: Why is it required?

With the wide range of colours and patterns available on the market, commercial carpeting can provide a satisfying aesthetic to match your workplace environment. They can also offer a sense of comfort and warmth to employees, clients and customers.

As visually pleasing as they may be, it is important that the correct process is taken behind-the-scenes, and this includes the underlay. It may seem tempting to shortcut the process to get your commercial carpeting laid before your employees venture back, but without the correct use of materials, you can expect the lifespan of your flooring to decrease greatly.

What is commercial carpet underlay?

Underlay is a thin layer of absorbent material which sits between the subfloor and carpet for beneficial protection of the carpet and workplace.

Why is it required?

Within commercial spaces such as entrance areas, waiting rooms, or main office floors, a good quality underlay can not only provide a softer, spongier feeling carpet, but it can also improve acoustics and reduce noise levels within the carpeted room, as well as the space directly below. With heavy football and the rustle and bustle that comes with the working world, this can be beneficial in reducing soundwaves and preventing them from travelling further than necessary.

You may also find that your pocket benefits from a good quality underlay. By preventing heat from escaping, warmth remains present within the workplace, resulting in a lessening use of your central heating and allowing you to save on your energy bills. The lifespan of your carpet can also lengthen with the right underlay and its effective shock absorption, preventing natural wear and tear from taking place and removing the requirement for a repair or replacement.

What types of underlay are there?

When it comes to the underlay for your commercial carpeting, there are three main options to consider.

Firm or soft – Dependant on the footfall volume within your workplace, you can decide between a firmer or softer underlay. An office with higher traffic would benefit from a firm underlay, providing stronger protection against natural wear and tear.

Rubber – an underlay option with high durability, extremely effective in workplaces with increased footfall such as retail spaces and waiting rooms.

Felt – a traditional, environmentally friendly underlay option made up of recycled fibres and ideal for locations with smaller foot traffic such as locker rooms.

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